Gift Certificate for Adults

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Gift – impress – and – make happy!


Gift certificate for the flight in air tunnel works perfect. This season – flight is the most hot and exclusive gift. recommends: Best as a gift is “Recommended” or “Optimal” package


Gift certificates for adults on a wind tunnel flight

Recently, it has become quite fashionable, instead of a standard gift, to give the most real impressions. With their help you can turn an ordinary day into a unique and incredibly rich. Especially if you plan to present gift certificate for flight in an wind tunnel.

Such a gift will not leave anyone indifferent, because it's really unusual and memorable. It does not matter whether you choose a certificate for men or choose a present for a close friend. From such attention sign, each person will be in full and genuine delight, because we all dream of flying and believe in miracles.

Why is it worth picking up such a gift?

Such an extreme certificate is absolutely useful for fans of an active lifestyle. But even those who prefer a quiet rest, will not be able to give up the pleasure to experience an exciting free fall.

This gift outperforms many others on several parameters:

  • It is unexpected. Reaction to such a certificate on the Birthday can not be indifferent and restrained its a fact.
  • It is very memorable. On the day of the flight, the mood of the lucky person who received the certificate will be just excellent. And the photos turn out to be colorful and filled with the most sincere joyful emotions.
  • Its price is available for everyone. Our company offers various types of certificates, depending on the number of sessions and their duration. Therefore, everyone will be able to choose an option that will suit him in all respects.

Order a gift certificate in

If you want to make an original gift, be sure to contact us. After all, cooperation with us has a huge number of advantages:

  • Qualitative preparation for the flight. Before a direct flight, a clear and competent instruction is conducted. Thanks to it you will know exactly how to act in this or that situation, calm down and completely "dissolve" in flight. Also, before entering the pipe, you will wear a special overall and helmet. They are necessary to prevent any injuries, guarantee comfort and provide maximum relaxation.
  • Comfort while inside the tunnel. During the entire flight, an experienced instructor will be near you. He will coordinate your movements, tell you how to move properly, calm down if you suddenly experience anxiety or panic.
  • Location. Near to us there is a convenient transport interchange, allowing to reach us by public or personal transport
  • Schedule. We work from Thursday until the end of the weekend. And, of course, on holidays. We are always ready for the arrival of our guests to share with you our optimism and positive charge.
  • Our team. At Ulet.Pro works exclusively the masters of their business with many years of experience. Each of them will be a reliable support for you during the flight so that you enjoy and do not worry about anything.
  • Cost of services. We offer affordable prices, so that each of our customers can make a gift to a friend, a close person and even himself. It's so important to realize dreams that once seemed so fabulous and inaccessible.

Traditionally it is believed that such a certificate is the best gift for a guy. But after all, girls also deserve to experience these vivid sensations. Therefore, intending to make a surprise to your second half, feel free to choose such a stunning entertainment.

That awkward occasion – have no idea what to present as a Birthday gift or gift on other important event?

Or maybe you just want to cheer up your friend for no reason? It’s now hard to surprise anyone.

And main concern – not to shock but to share a joy!

Happiness, unforgettable impression and positive emotions – this all you get from a free fly in our air tunnel


Get 1 additional flight session as a birthday gift! Exception “Rocket” and “Introductory”


Package Sessions amount Package price (uah.) Max persons
Introductory 1 700 1 peson
Recommended 2 900 1 person
Optimal 3 1100 1 peson
Pair 4 1600 up to 2 persons
Family 6 2200 up to 3 persons
Command 8 2800 up to 4 persons
Package Sessions amount Package price (uah.) Max persons
Rocket 1 450 1 kid
Cosmonaut 2 650 1 kid
Star 3 900 1 kid
Satellite 4 1200 up to 2 kids
Constellation 6 1700 up to 3 kids
Civilization 8 2100 up to 4 kids

Fun, interesting and impressive.
Make a gift and let’s fly!