Wind Tunnel


We are glad to offer you a unique opportunity to try out a free fly feeling in an aerodynamic tunnel

Starting from 4 years old and till … – people of any age who do not have medical restrictions to physical exercises and emotional stress have a great possibility to fly in an aerodynamic tunnel. You just lie on air flow and – here it is – it occurs you can fly!

Aerodynamic tunnel – is a safe equipment, certified according to ISO and safety standards. A qualified team is working in our aerodynamic tunnel that is an experienced instructor is going to be by your side all along the flight.

Aerodynamic complex can reach a speed of an air flow up to 250kmPh that gives an opportunity to fly not only in a lying position but also to do a variety of tricks. Our aerodynamic tunnel is a real simulator of a free fall for beginners as well as a complete sport trainer for skydivers.

An air flow inside the aerodynamic tunnel totally simulates a free fall. Sportsmen-skydivers have a possibility to practice individual technique, to learn new elements by making their body moves perfect. By not distracting to such important components of a free fall as a jump, parachute opening, flying and landing you can concentrate only on your practice in the air flow. For this reason, aerodynamic simulators have a numerous team of fans among skydivers-professionals and amateurs. If you have just made a decision to have a go in a parachuting sport, a flight inside the aerodynamic tunnel will help you to get ready for your first jump. You will feel the air flow and be ready to meet the sky. To make an independent jump with a parachute you need to pass AFF program (a fast free fly program) successfully. As it shows, a flight experience inside the aerodynamic tunnel makes it easier to do this task.

Dozens of existing aerodynamic tunnels are already popular among thousands of people. And, as a result, the flights inside the aerodynamic simulator became a separate kind of sport – bodyflight, that now hold spectacular international competitions. And who knows – maybe you will become one of the participants?