We are glad to offer you a unique opportunity to try out a free fly feeling in an the wind tunnel ulet.pro. Wind tunnel ulet.pro is a safe equipment, certified according to ISO and safety standards. You will work together with professional instructors with over than 10 years in skydiving sport. Aerodynamic complex ulet.pro can generate high quality air flow up to 250 km/h that let you fly not only in a belly position but sit & head-down as well. Our aerodynamic tunnel is a real simulator of a free fall for beginners as well as a training environment for sportsmen

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  • 14 жовтня - свято сміливості, мужності та героїзму. У цей день ми відзначаємо День Захисника України та вшановуємо Героїв, що поклали власне життя за Рідну землю та мир на ній.

    12-15 жовтня, чотири дні поспіль, команда Ulet.pro дарує ТРЕТІЙ політ у подарунок кожному, хто має військовий квиток ;)

    Запис на польоти за тел. 044-221-41-51

  • В Uletpro есть всё, что бы порадовать и себя, и удивить близких и друзей:
    - полёты для одного человека;
    - выгодные предложения для компании;
    - детские дни рождения и тимбилдинги; 
    - спортивные тренировки;
    - подарочные сертификаты на полёты;
    - прыжки с парашютом!
    Выбирайте и скорее звоните нам: 044-221-41-51


  • Отличная новость для всех учащихся, взгрустнувших об уходящем лете! Специально ДЛЯ ВАС, школьники и студенты, команда Ulet.pro дарит скидку 10% на любое количество полётов! 
    Когда? 31 августа, 1, 2, 3 сентября.
    Отметь первый звонок полётом в аэротрубе! 
    Поверь, тебе будет о чем рассказать одноклассникам и однокурсникам!
    Запись 044-221-41-51

    *студентам обязательно иметь при себе студенческий билет.

  • Каждый год мы мучаемся - а как же в этом году удивить или порадовать близких и друзей в День их рождения, юбилеи и любые другие праздники
    Команда Uletpro предлагает Вам настоящие приключения, эмоции и впечатления от которых останутся тёплыми и волнительными воспоминаниями на всю жизнь! 
    Подарочные сертификаты на:
    полёты в аэродинамической трубе;
    прыжок с парашютом в тандеме с инструктором;
    - самостоятельный прыжок с парашютом.
    Оформляйте заказ на сайте: www.ulet.pro


  • "— Волнуетесь?

    — Да.

    — Первый раз?

    — Нет, я волновался и раньше."

    В #Uletpro можете ни о чем не волноваться! Команда профессиональных инструкторов сделает все, что бы Ваш полёт прошел безопасно и Вы получили максимум удовольствия! 



Flight in the airtube - moments of happiness that you will remember for a long time

Feeling of weightlessness, indescribable ecstasy, sincere emotions - these are the first associations that arise when you hear about flying in an airtube. All because it's really incredibly interesting and fun, regardless of whether you are flying for the first time or are a real fan of such events.

Aerotube is an attraction that is suitable for the whole family. It will allow you to make a weekend, birthday or ordinary everyday life one of the most memorable events in your life.

The flight itself in the wind tunnel is provided by an ascending air flow, which moves at a speed of up to 250 km/h. It lifts the person, providing a feeling of free fall. During the flight, you do not experience any discomfort. In this case, you will be accompanied by extremely fun and laughter.

The undeniable advantages of such outdoor activities

Many of us dream of trying something unusual and even risky. And aerotube can be the first step on the way to new impressions.

Do you doubt? And in vain, because such pastime is practically no contraindications.

  • Security. Each participant in the flight is given special equipment to prevent the occurrence of injuries. In addition, along with you inside the wind tunnel will be trained instructors who will help to take the right position and support you. It is also worth noting, that such an extreme holiday is suitable even for preschool children.
  • No need for long pre-training. If in other extreme kinds of rest it is more often necessary to have certain physical training and special skills, when flying in an airtrue it does not matter. You just have to listen to safety techniques and, of course, follow it during the flight. Our instructors will do the rest for you, allowing you to completely relax and do not worry about anything.
  • Uniqueness. Such entertainment appeared relatively recently, so if you want to surprise your guests or your other half, then you can not think of a better solution.

Why should I contact our company?

Ulet.pro is a team of true professionals who will do their best to make you feel comfortable and confident:

  • we work with time-tested technology
  • constantly conduct its diagnostics and re-equipment
  • costumes and other outfits are tailored for you individually, in order not to hamper your movements
  • our instructors have all the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure your safety and convenience during the flight
  • the cost of such entertainment in Ulet.pro is much smaller then the amount of moments of joy that you will experience.

In addition, with us you can buy a gift certificate to present the possibility of such an unusual holiday for your family and friends. They will surely be pleasantly surprised, and you deservedly receive praise for your extremely unusual solution.

Would you like to visit the aerial pipe in Kiev? Then to you it is exact to us. We will fill your day with bright colors, make your eyes burn, and your heart beat faster.

Our employees will provide you with the highest class services, they will answer all your questions in detail, so that you do not hesitate for a moment in your choice. Trust the true professionals in their work, and you will remain unlimitedly satisfied. And, of course, you will become faithful admirers of flights in the wind tunnel.