Package Sessions amount Package price on weekdays (uah.) Package price on weekend (uah.) Max persons
Introductory 1 600 700 1 peson
Recommended 2 800 900 1 person
Optimal 3 1000 1100 1 peson
Pair 4 1400 1600 up to 2 persons
Family 6 2000 2200 up to 3 persons
Command 8 2600 2800 up to 4 persons

Package Sessions amount Package price on weekdays (uah.) Package price on weekend (uah.) Max persons
Rocket 1 400 450 1 kid
Cosmonaut 2 600 650 1 kid
Star 3 850 900 1 kid
Satellite 4 1100 1200 up to 2 kids
Constellation 6 1600 1700 up to 3 kids
Civilization 8 2000 2100 up to 4 kids

Sessions amount Price per package (uah.) Max persons Term of Package use Included in the price
10 3000 1 1 month individual coach work + necessary equipment

Session duration – 2 minutes

When booking 8 flights or more, you need 100% prepayment

Get 1 additional flight session as a birthday gift!!
Conditions don’t apply to “Rocket” and “Introductory” recommends: minimal flight session for the first time – twice per 2 minutes.

Services INCLUDED in the price above: pre-flight instructions (30 mins) and all the equipment needed (helmet, glasses, jumpsuit)

High-heels footwear is not acceptable for flight, sporting shoes are recommended.

Airfield Height (meters) Type of plane Cost
Borodyanka (Kyiv region) 3000 AN-2 3500
Progress (Kiev region) 3000 AN-2 3100
Fifth Ocean (Kiev region) 4200 AN-3 3600
Chayka (Kiev region) 4200 L-410 3600
Mayske (Dnipro) 4200 L-410 3250
Orekhovo (Dnipro) 3000 AN-2 2990
Rivne 3000 AN-2 3250

Airfield Height (meters) Type of plane Cost
Borodyanka (Kyiv region) 1000 AN-2 1600
Mayske (Dnipro) 1000 AN-2 1580
Orekhovo (Dnipro) 1000 AN-2 1400
Rivne 1000 AN-2 950


Flight prices in airtube

The cost of flying in a wind tunnel depends on several components:

  • the age of the participant
  • the level of its preparation, and the complexity of the performed tricks
  • flight duration.

Please note that depending on the type of package you choose, you can use your gift certificates one time or within a few months. It is also worth noting that price of flight in wind tunnel for children is lower than for adults.

In addition, we provide an opportunity to receive the bonuses granted to those who have entrusted us with the holding of their birthday. In general, we do everything to emphasize our desire to please you.

What's included in the cost of service "Flight in the Wind Tunnel"?

Speaking about what is included in the cost of each flight, you can note such components:

  • Use of special equipment. It is selected depending on the composition of your figure, growth and other physical characteristics. Thus, it would be very comfortable for you, and your movements were not constrained or uncertain. You must take care of sports shoes yourself, it must always sit tight on the leg, so it's better to choose sneakers or sneakers with lacing.
  • Briefing. It is held just before the flight. It is conducted by a professional instructor who will clearly explain how to act in this or that situation, talk about safety during the flight, etc.
  • The work of the instructor. All the time of flight he will be inside the wind tunnel with you. He will help you to take the most correct position, support both physically and emotionally, which is important for those who visit such an attraction for the first time, as well as for children.

Given this attention to the training process and the flight itself, you will be satisfied with every moment spent inside the pipe.

Why do we offer such an affordable price?

Our company provides highest level services. Our employees have all the necessary knowledge to make your flight as comfortable and safe as possible.

We believe that such entertainment should be available to everyone. Flight in an airtube, the price of which will be incredibly high, will not allow many families to please their children, and those who have long thought about flying - to make their dream come true.

Wind tunnel attraction, the price of which is fully justified by the ecstasy and sense of unbridled happiness that you will experience, will surely become one of your favorites. It is designed to make you feel free fall, which is comparable only with a parachute jump.

The aerotube is absolutely safe for you and your health. This is an excellent chance to experience completely new, unique emotions that will radically change your attitude to the world.

Believe me, after the flight, you realize that the cost of an aero tube is a material cost that has fully justified itself. We perfectly aware that for this price we are simply obliged to provide services to which there will be no claims.

Come to We will travel with you on a journey that will give you boundless joy. Our team will accompany you from the moment you cross the threshold of our entertainment complex. You are our guests, which means that we will do our best to see sincere smiles do not come off your faces.