Safety rules


Hereby, by making an order via website, I confirm that
I obey to follow below-listed wind tunnel SAFETY RULES **

Safety rules in pre-flight zone and inside of the wind tunnel flying area :

  • it is forbidden to smoke or drink alcohol near the aerodynamic construction;
  • it is forbidden to take with you food and drinks to the fly field;
  • do not lean on the walls and fence around the aerodynamic construction;
  • do not run up and down the stairs and around the aerodynamic construction;
  • do not lean on railings;

Children can remain in pre-flight zone only attended by parents. Do not leave your children without your attention!

Inside of the flying area – in the “glass tunnel” :

  • do not touch the net;
  • do not touch the door area.

ATTENTION: people who are drunk and/or drugged cannot make flights.
While the pre-flight trainings on the waiting and flying area you have to do all the instructor’s commands.
Before the flight take off all accessories: rings, chains, glasses and remove all things from your pockets in order to avoid their loss during the flight.
Before the flight to wear special outfit (a helmet, glasses, coverall) is obligatory.

** If the flight session order is for the minor child the Waiver is signed by the parent or their legal representative.