All about flight!


What is

This is a mobile vertical wind simulator – an outdoor wind tunnel, located in Kiev, which allows you to experience a real flight. Experience the feeling of a free fall, as in skydiving, with maximum security. Our aerodynamic simulator fully simulates the free fall – the air flows about 200 kmph which allows you to enjoy the feeling of a free flight.

How dangerous are the flights in the wind tunnel?
Flights in the wind tunnel are safe. Throughout the flight session there will be a professional instructor with you. He will hold you by special jaws in the suit, will help to master the principle of body movement in the air stream and, of course, get the most pleasure from your flight.

How difficult is it?
Flying in the wind tunnel is not difficult. Most people can stay in the air stream and control their body during your first minutes of flight in the wind tunnel.

How is the flight in the wind tunnel similar to a parachute jump?
Flight in the wind tunnel fully simulates the free fall is when jumping with a parachute. In addition, some paratroopers assure that the wind tunnel provides more complete feeling of free flight. One flight session in the wind tunnel is equivalent to two parachute jump!

Do I need to have documents with me to fly in the wind tunnel
Yes, you do. To fill in the application form you need to have documents proving your identity (a passport or driving license).

How many people can fly in the wind tunnel?
Beginnners fly on one, more experienced can fly together.

What can I learn during the first flight in the wind tunnel?
It all depends on your abilities and how much time your flight session will last. On average, over the first flight you can master the stable posture to lay in the air stream. And the next 2-3 sessions in the wind tunnel will allow you to learn how to perform twists side to side, move forward, backward, up and down.

How to learn to perform spectacular stunts in the wind tunnel?
Register in our school and regularly fly in the wind tunnel with an instructor-trainer. Already in the first hours of training you will learn to do variety of tricks in free flight.

Can children and pensioners fly in the wind tunnel?
To fly in a wind tunnel can children from the age of 4 years. Upper age limit does not exist. Provided, of course, that there are no significant health restrictions and contraindications to physical activity for the elderly people.

What are the restrictions for those who want to fly?
It is not allowed to fly people under a state of alcohol and / or drugs. Also flying in the wind tunnel is contraindicated while: pregnancy, serious diseases of the back or the spine, osteoporosis (lack of calcium in the body, and brittle bones), severe heart disease, psychiatric disorders, epilepsy, and when having unhealed wounds of the recent dislocations of arms and / or feet. If you wear contact lenses, please notify your instructor and you will be able to fly in the wind tunnel without removing them.

How strong is the noise of running wind tunnel?
Being close to the area of ​​the wind tunnel, you can easily talk and hear the other people. Noise from the tube is about the same as two working trucks.

What is included in the price of my flight in the wind tunnel
Preflight briefing, equipment (helmet, goggles, overalls) and the flight itself in the wind tunnel with instructors.


What is better to be dressed in for a comfortable flight?
Wear (or bring) comfortable, not hindering your moves clothing. We recommend a T-shirt with long sleeves and sweat pants (you wear overalls on top of your clothes). As well you wear shoes or sneakers with laces. Shoes should sit tight on the leg. Those who wish to fly in heeled shoes in the wind tunnel are not allowed. People wearing very long hair are recommended to bring “a scrunchy” to put hair up and conveniently hide it under a helmet.

How many sessions are optimal to get the most of the first flight?
We recommend for the first time 2-3 sessions, in total 4-6 minutes flight. You do not have time to get tired, but it will be enough time to learn to control your body in the air flow.

How can I book a flight and pay for the flight in the wind tunnel?
To book a flight, you can call +380 44 221 41 51 or register at the reception in the complex You can pay for the flight at the box office complex Also, you can buy a gift certificate for a flight.

I was presented a certificate for the flight. What are my next steps?
Call us +380 44 221 41 51 to activate the Certificate and book a flight time in the wind tunnel.

How to cancel or reschedule the booked flight?
To cancel or reschedule the booked flight, call us or contact the administrator of the complex not later than 24 hours before the booked time. You must have a passport with you.

How do I get photos and video of the flight?
Outside, behind the glass, your friends can shoot you both video and photos on.

How long is the whole session of the flight?
Including instruction, the entire session takes about 1 hour, depending on the number of people in your group and the chosen duration of the flight.

Can I bring friends to look at my first flight?
Let’s say that you need!

How can I get to the wind tunnel
We are located at Moskovs’kyi Ave 34-а, next to MARGO hypermarket in front of Blockbuster centre. By public transport from the metro station “Petrivka” by any bus, trolleybus or route taxi (a stop on demand), that go to Troyeschyna. You get off on the bus stop “Blockbuster”.