Skydiving Gift Certificate

3500.00 грн.

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The best place on Earth is sky! ©

Emotions and vivid impressions are the things we carry through our whole life. Whereas a parachute jump is such kind of event you will definitely never forget, recieving an enormous value of positive emotions and incredible self-esteem!

Tandem skydiving by is:

  • fun, positive and (last but not least) safe;
  • 3000-4200 meters over the ground;
  • various dropzones in different parts of our country.

If you are not sure about the courage of the gift-owner for parachute jump we have an unique opportunity! offers an exclusive "airbag": 10 wind tunnel flights which could be shared with your friends!

P.S. Dropzones included:

  • Borodyanka (near Kiev)
  • Progress (near Kiev)
  • The Fifth Ocean (near Kiev)
  • Chayka (near Kiev)
  • Mayskoye (Dnepr)
  • Orekhovo (Dnepr)
  • Rovno